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The United States has a range of strict regulations related to motor vehicles to ensure road safety and protect the environment. Alongside regulations concerning emissions and safety, there are certain car items that are prohibited due to safety concerns, environmental impact, or specific legislations.

Prohibited Items in Cars

1. Headlights with Unauthorized Colors

Headlights with unauthorized colors, such as red or blue lights facing forward, are prohibited in the US. This is due to the confusion these colors can cause with emergency vehicles.

2. Sound-Effect Exhausts

Exhausts that produce excessively loud noises or are designed to create strident sound effects are often prohibited due to noise regulations and public disturbance concerns.

3. Excessively Dark Tinted Windows

While tinted windows are common in cars, the US has specific regulations regarding how dark windows can be. Excessively dark windows can compromise driver visibility and road safety.

4. Front-Seat Entertainment Systems

Some US states prohibit the installation of visible entertainment systems in front seats, as they can distract the driver and lead to accidents.


Prohibitions of car items in the United States primarily aim to ensure the safety of all road users and also promote compliance with environmental regulations. It is important for vehicle owners to be aware of these restrictions to avoid legal issues and contribute to a safer and more harmonious driving environment.